About LH Design

Whether it’s a remodel, a luxury custom home, a multi-plat community, or a commercial space the process stays the same for LH Design. Our first step is always meeting with our client to assess the vision,  budget, and how far along it is in the building process. Ideally, we prefer to be brought into a project when it is still on paper so that we can work hand in hand with the architect and builder to catch any design mishaps before breaking ground; however, we can start anywhere in the process and work with what is already been decided upon. Our team presents interior products & design per space and assists with lighting, plumbing, appliance, cabinets, hardware, millwork details, paint, and finishing touches. Once all selections are finalized, LH Design supplies thorough documentation with install drawings in an organized notebook including a digitally-scanned version on a portable USB drive. We work with trusted vendors and installers to include competitive bids, and we follow up with site visits throughout the entirety of your project to ensure the design is implemented properly. We even offer support in marketing once the project is completed. Simply put, LH Design takes the guesswork out of building.

About Lydia Huffman

LH_Design_Lydia_Huffman_HeadshotLydia Huffman was raised in a family of craftsmen and is the mother of four kids, so she understands the need for organization, budgets, and clear communication. As a District Manager in retail for 17 years, Lydia refined her planning skills, attention to detail, and managing a diverse employee base. Lydia turned her attention to interior design in 2000, starting with friends who asked for informal color consultations, which quickly expanded into a thriving business. LH Design was officially established in 2002, and since then Lydia and her team have worked with dozens of builders, developers, investors, and custom clients in the Greater Seattle Area, nationally, and internationally. Her strength lies in bringing together a team to accomplish a shared goal – from builders to home owners and all the vendors and subcontractors needed in between. Lydia loves to learn, is most comfortable on the job site in her work boots and jeans. She is truly passionate about building and how LH Design can help Simplify the process for her clients.

About the team


Pictured from left to right: Trent Petosa, Kayce Williams, Lydia Huffman, & Alex Hayes

Trent Petosa joined our team in 2017 and is our “Exteriors Expert” who uses AutoCAD, Photoshop, and other software to create 2D & 3D visuals for our clients as well as a host of other support for our team including: interior install drawings, marketing materials, design assistance, presentation support, staging, & our all around go-to guy.

Kayce Williams is Lydia’s assistant and has been with LH Design since 2005. Kayce supports design, presentations, branding, print marketing, social media, website design & maintenance, staging, and keeping Lydia sane.

Alex Hayes joined our team in 2017 and has quickly become our primary 2D & 3D AutoCAD installation visual creative who also supports design, presentations, staging, and client assistance.